"All you need to live the best—

Nature has the answer."


About MyNaturity

                   Since Inception, MyNaturity Has Been Wholeheartedly Committed To Bring You The Much-Needed Scents And Head-To-Toe Skincare For Your Overall Well-Being. Here We Offer A Wide Array Of Aromatherapy Products Ranging From Handmade Soap And Essential Oil To Personal Care Products.


Our Story

        The birth of MyNaturity can be traced to how we once visited an underprivileged children home and discovered kids were making use of commercial soap which had some serious implications on their skins. These had made them vulnerable to problems like rashes, spots, dry skin, sensitive skin, skin infections, dermatitis and even eczema. Such predicament had led them in a very unhealthy state of health and mind because skin problems can negatively impact kids’ self esteem and confidence.

        Being that MyNaturity is existing on the basis of offering the society something meaningful and valuable, we have decided to start producing soaps with essential oils that everyone can make use of in a safe and healthy manner. These handmade soaps are being produced with essential oils and natural ingredients which is believed and proven that it will be safe and gentle on the skin. It has also been our aim to ensure the products we have are available at the most affordable prices.    

How We Started

            In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have carried out an in-depth research. This entails coming up with products that can make a difference once used. We tried to ensure that available products are those which can contribute to the well-being of people both physically, emotionally and mentally. The ingredients are 100% natural. In a nutshell, these are aromatherapy products which have been made to go through series of tests as well as scientific processes.  

            Apart from ensuring that natural products are made available to the community, we are also fully committed to the task of educating people about the benefits of natural ingredients and how they can contribute to various aspects of their lives. This is a proof that the well-being of our potential and existing customers is our utmost priority. 

My Naturity
My Naturity handmade soap class

Our Process

At MyNaturity, we care about what goes onto your skin more than anything else. Which goes to speak volumes about our meticulous, stringent process of providing you with our aromatherapy products.

Our hundreds of aromatherapy products, namely handmade soap, essential oils, personal care, and hair care products contain only fully tested formulations and carefully hand-picked natural ingredients. Derived from exotic plants, the synergistic effects of our products bring about various benefits. 

On top of that, they are totally free from pesticides, chemical additives, synthetics or any hazardous ingredients. Which is why you can enjoy peace of mind when using MyNaturity.   

Our Affordability Policy

                 We do understand the fact that making high quality products available to the community is one thing. Also, for such products to be affordable to the common man is something entirely different. There is no need to be worried as we have managed to ensure that even with a limited budget, our products can be affordable. 

                 We have made the best products to be available at knock-off prices without their qualities being compromised in any way. You can be rest assured that we will only get better as the years go by. Imagine having access to products which are completely risk-free to make use of at affordable prices. This aligns with our primary mission of contributing towards the well-being of our target audience.

Vision & Mission


  • Be the leading producer of natural aromatherapy products that helps in improving health holistically, promoting natural living, and transforming agricultural communities.


·         To enhance the overall spiritual and physical well-being of our customers with natural, effective aromatherapy products using fully tested formulation.

·         To continuously discover the potential natural ingredients and formulation that can give value-added benefits, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

·         To build a sustainable, lasting relationship with our customers by providing long-term support where natural living is concerned. 

“The Scent of Nature”

We Promised.