Aczelief Roll On Essential Oil Blends


Aczelief Roll On Essential Oil Blends



Aczelief Roll on Essential Oil Blends is blended with coconut oil that can soothe skin, together with essential oil that have anti-inflammation, reduce eczema, allergen and provide antimicrobial for infections such as Tea tree, Lavender, Orange and Niaouli.

Reduce Inflammation- This essential oil roller blends help in reducing rashes, itching, inflammation and red spots. Helping you to have better skin and avoid further pain and infection.

Fight infection- Aczelief roll-on contains antibacterial, antifungal that can fight bacteria and infection from getting inside of your skin.

Moisturize skin-  Aczelief roll-on also contains moisturize effects that can soothe dry skin, flaky skin and cracked skin that can cause inflammation.


Direction: Apply on affected areas continue as needed till eczema is relieved.


For external Use Only.

Ingredient: Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Niaoli,  Tea tree, Lavender, Orange Essential oil, Coconut oil

Product weight: 12ml

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