Aczelief Roll On Essential Oil Blends



Aczelief Roll on Essential Oil Blends is blended with coconut oil that can soothe skin, together with essential oil that have anti-inflammation, reduce eczema, allergen and provide antimicrobial for infections such as Tea tree, Lavender, Orange and Niaouli.

Reduce Inflammation- This essential oil roller blends help in reducing rashes, itching, inflammation and red spots. Helping you to have better skin and avoid further pain and infection.

Fight infection- Aczelief roll-on contains antibacterial, antifungal that can fight bacteria and infection from getting inside of your skin.

Moisturize skin-  Aczelief roll-on also contains moisturize effects that can soothe dry skin, flaky skin and cracked skin that can cause inflammation.


Direction: Apply on affected areas continue as needed till eczema is relieved.


For external Use Only.

Ingredient: Therapeutic Grade Lavender, Niaoli,  Tea tree, Lavender, Orange Essential oil, Coconut oil

Product weight: 12ml


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