Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil


Product Highlights:
Calming, Rejuvenating, Soothing

The Warm, Woody And Balsamic Aroma Of Cedarwood Essential Oil Offers Countless Benefits, May It Be Topical Application Or By Way Of Aromatherapy.  Cedarwood Essential Oil Can Be Added Into Your Daily Facial Routine To Improve The Appearance Of Skin Imperfections Such As Acne Or Eczema. Regular Application To The Affected Areas After Dilution Or By Adding A Few Drops To Your Liquid Soap Should Show Steady Improvement. For Hair, It Can Help Strengthen Hair And Revitalize Hair Growth.

Thanks To Its Richness In Anti-Inflammatory Compounds, It Is Highly Recommended For Use On Joint Pain And Stiffness Caused By Arthritis. By Simply Massaging Onto The Skin, The Oil Helps To Reduce Joint And Tissue Inflammation And Dull The Perception Of Pain.

How To Use:

Perfect To Use As Aromatherapy And Skin Or Hair Care Products. For External Use Only.

  • Skin Care: Add 1-2 Drops Cedarwood Essential Oil Into Toner Or Moisturizer, Apply On Skin For Clarifying Purposes.
  • Skin Care For Acne/Eczema: Mix 1–2 Drops Cedarwood Essential Oil With Your Daily Soap Or Skin Lotion, Rubbing On The Infected/Itchy Area With The Mixture Of Cedarwood And Carrier Oil, Or Make A Bath With 5 Drops Of Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Hair Care : Add 2-3 Drops To Your Daily Conditioner And Massage Well Into Your Scalp.  Leave On For 2 Mins Before Rinsing Off.
  • Emotional Care: Add 2–3 Drops Of Cedarwood Essential Oil To Bath Water, It Can Help To Perk Up Mind.
  • Health Care For Arthritis: Mix 5 Drops Of Cedarwood Essential Oil With A Carrier Oil To Massage On Affected Areas Or Make A Bath With 5-10 Drops Of The Oil.
  • Home Care: Add 5 Drops Cedarwood Essential Oil In Filled Water And Pour Into Spray Bottle And Use As Natural Fragrance Home Spray Or Bug Repellent.

Pure Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood Essential Oil)

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10 ml

 Origin : Nepal

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