Pure Patchouli Essential Oil


Pure Patchouli Essential Oil


Product Highlights:
Calming, Energetic, Brightening

The Unique Characteristic Of Patchouli Essential Oil Is That It Never Depreciates In Quality Over Time, It Gets Better With Age. It Is An Extremely Potent And Powerful Oil That Possesses Many Therapeutic Benefits Including Its Antifungal And Antibacterial Properties That Could Positively Impact Both Your Physical And Your Mental Health.

The Oil Has Cytophylactic Properties Which Assists In The Generation Of New Cells And Production Of Red Blood Cells In The Body Which In Turn Leads To Good And Healthier Skin. It Is Also Useful In Fading Of Scar Marks Caused By Boils, Measles, Or Acne. Frequent Usage Of This Oil In Your Daily Skin And Hair Care Regimen Will Also Keep Your Skin From Sagging And Helps To Prevent Hair Loss.

Patchouli Essential Oil Has A Very Strong And Musky Fragrance Which Is Popular To Be Used As A Natural Deodorant And Not A Surprise Can Be Used As An Insect Repellent. When Used In Aromatherapy, Patchouli Is Effective To Combat Depression, Stress And Anxiety.  By Inhaling The Aroma, It Helps Your Body To Unwind And Relax As The Oil Has Natural Sedative Ingredients Which Helps To Promote Better Rest And A More Fulfilling Night’s Sleep.


How To Use:

Perfect To Use As Aromatherapy And Skin Or Hair Care Products. For External Use Only.

  • Skin Care: Add 1-2 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil Into Moisturizer, Apply On Skin To Firm Up Sagging Skin.  For Scars, Apply 1-2 Drops Lightly On The Affected Area Only.
  • Hair Care : Add 2-3 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil To Your Daily Conditioner And Massage Well Into Your Scalp.  Leave On For 2 Mins Before Rinsing Off.
  • Emotional Care: Add 2–3 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil To Bath Water, It Can Help To Calm Down And Relax Your Mind.
  • Health Care: Mix 2–2 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil With A Diffuser, Breathe In The Scent To Improve Your Sleep.
  • Home Care: Add 5 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil In Filled Water And Pour Into Spray Bottle Use As Natural Fragrance Home Spray Or Insect Repellent.


Pure Pogostemon Cablin  (Patchouli Essential Oil)

Product Weight :
10 ml

 Origin : Indonesia

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