Pure Petitgrain Essential Oil


Product Highlights:
Refreshing, Awakening, Uplifting

Fresh, Citrusy, And Sensual, Petitgrain Essential Oil’s Mild Scent Can Relax The Entire System And Is Popular In Skincare And Natural Perfumes. With Its Powerful Anti-Inflammatory And Antibacterial Benefits, Petitgrain Essential Oil Is A Wonderful Natural Remedy To Calm Problematic Skin Whether It Is Rosacea, Acne-Induced Irritation Or Sunburn, This Oil Helps To Ensure That Your Complexion Is Optimally Nourished.

Petitgrain Essential Oil Is A Great Natural Hair Conditioner And Shampoo. It Helps To Cleanse The Hair And Remove Any Excess Oil Built Up On The Scalp, Leaving Your Hair Clean And Fresh.

The Refreshing And Energizing Fragrance Of Petitgrain Essential Oil Prevents Body Odor And Various Skin Infections Which Result From Bacterial Growths In Those Parts Of The Body That Are Always Subjected To Heat And Sweat.

The Relaxing Effect Of Petitgrain Essential Oil Helps To Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, And Fear. It Uplifts The Mood And Eases Negative Feelings. As A Sedative It Can Treat Insomnia And Promote Good Sleep.


How To Use:

Perfect To Use As Aromatherapy And Skin Or Hair Care Products. For External Use Only.

  • Skin Care: Add 1-2 Drops Petitgrain Essential Oil Into Moisturizer Or Lotion, Apply On Skin For Clarifying Purposes.   For A Powerful Toner That Helps To Fight Acne, Combine A Cup Of Witch Hazel With 3-5 Drops Of Petitgrain, Mix Well And Apply To The Affected Area.
  • Hair Care: Add 2-3 Drops Petitgrain Essential Oil To Your Daily Conditioner Or Shampoo And Massage Well Into Your Scalp.  Leave On For 2 Mins Before Rinsing Off.
  • Emotional Care: Add 2–3 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil To Bath Water, It Can Help To Calm Stressed Nerves.
  • Health Care: Mix 2–3 Drops Patchouli Essential Oil With A Diffuser, Breathe In The Scent To Improve Your Sleep. Or You Can Mix With Water In A Spray Bottle And Spray Lightly Onto Your Pillow Before Sleep


Pure Citrus Aurantium  (Petitgrain Essential Oil)

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10 ml

 Origin : Paraguay

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