Pure Sweet Fennel Essential Oil


Product Highlights:
Sweet, Vitalizing, Balancing

Sweet Fennel Is An Elixir For Aging Skin As Its Tightening And Tonic Effects Can Treat Wrinkles And Cellulite. Due To Its Antiseptic Properties, It Can Be Used On Its Own As A Breath Freshener. As It Is Both Astringent And Cleansing, It Is Helpful In Addressing Mature Skin And In Balancing Dry Or Oily Skin Types.  Beneficial Oil For Maintaining Or Promoting Youthful Skin.

Emotionally And Energetically, Sweet Fennel Calms And Encourages And Is Great For Easing Worries And Restoring Mental Clarity. To Boost Its Aromatic And Aroma-therapeutic Benefits, This Oil Promotes Positive Thinking And Can Balance Mood Swings.

Sweet Fennel Essential Oil Is Often Used In Massage For Treating Various Digestive Disorders Including Gastric Pain, Abdominal Bloating, Nausea, Belching, And Flatulence.  It Is A Lymphatic Decongestant With A Cleansing And Stimulating Action That Tones The Spleen, Kidneys And Liver, Helping To Detoxify In Cases Of Cellulite, Arthritis And Rheumatism.  Sweet Fennel Also Has An Antispasmodic Action And Is Stimulating To The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems.


How To Use:

Perfect To Use As Aromatherapy And Skin Or Hair Care Products. For External Use Only.

  • Skin Care: Add 2-3 Drops Sweet Fennel Essential Oil Into Moisturizer, Apply On Skin To Soften Wrinkles And Dry Skin.
  • Oral Care: DIY Breath Freshener With Adding Several Drops Of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil Into A Cup Of Water And Gargle When Necessary.
  • Emotional Care: Add 2 – 3 Drops Of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil To Bath Water, To Improve Mood Swing And Promote Positive Thinking.
  • Health Care: Mix 2-3 Drops Sweet Fennel Essential Oil With A Carrier Oil, Massage It Over The Abdomen To Help Relieve Digestive Or Menstrual Trouble. Add 5 Drops With 1 Tablespoon Jojoba Oil And Massage On Areas Affected By Rheumatism Or Arthritis.
  • Home Care: Add 5 Drops Sweet Fennel Essential Oil In Filled Water And Pour Into Spray Bottle Use As Natural Bug Repellent Against Mosquito.


Pure Foeniculum Vulgare (Sweet Fennel Essential Oil)

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10 ml

 Origin : Spain

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