Hexagon Wood Diffuser

RM88.00 RM78.00


Capacity : 400ml 

Item Weight:  Approx.400g

Colour: Wood Colour

Material: Silicone/PP

Power-Input/Output: AC100-240V 50.60HZ/DC 24V 650MA

Electric Consumption:  Approx. 14W

Time Mode: 1H/3H/6H/ON

Auto Power-Off: Yes When Water Runs Out

LED Light: 7pcs

Method Of Mist Production:  2.4MHz

Package Included


7 Light colour Set Up suitable as a night lamp:This diffuser is perfect to bring down the curtain at night as this diffuser has 7 colours set up that you are able to use at night as a night lamp. The beautiful dim light will make you more relaxing and at ease. 


Disperse Essential oil for More benefits: This diffuser is used together with essential oil to get the maximum benefit of essential oils with the comfortable and aromatic scent of nature with various benefits and also able to improve room odour and kill germs in the air.


 Act As Humidifier: Air around the house might be lacking humid especially if your space is occupied with strong air-conditioning that might dry your skin. This diffuser can be a humidifier and suitable for aromatherapy when used together with essential oil and able to moisturize skin and various health benefits and create a healthy lifestyle.


💦 Ultrasonic Diffuser Negates Positive Ions Without Denaturing The Oils

💦 Ultrasonic Waves Vaporizes Water And Essential Oil To Produce A Cool, Dry Fragrant Mist

💦 Contemporary, Spherical And Wood Grain Design Creates A Romantic Atmosphere

💦  7 Light Colour Option Creates A Soft And Cosy Ambience

💦  Aromatherapy From Essential Oil Improves Mood And Mental Health

💦  Used As Humidifier To Refresh Surrounding Air Quality

💦  Suitable For Use In Any Environment

💦  Perfect Gift Set For All Occasions Or Festivals


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