Mini Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser


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Improve hydration:

This Humidifier is able to improve hydration and relieving symptoms of dehydration, heat stroke, skin dryness, cracked lips, difficulty breathing, sinuses, dry cough and sore throat. It has a spray function where it can help spraying the water to dispersed into the air and improve hydration condition.

Reduce Impurities in the air: This humidifier also can fight certain dust, impurities and pollution making easier to breath and avoid allergy reactions in the air.

Can act as Night lamp: This humidifier has dim light suitable for night time and able to improve sleep quality with better humidity at the same time.


Can Use For Traveling: This mini humidifier can be use anywhere as long as it is connected to the power. It’s small shape can easily be brought anywhere, can be used as home appliances, office and car or indoor space.

Can Use with Essential oils: To have better benefit of humidifier, a drop or two is enough right after the mist has come out to improve overall health and condition.

USB connected: This mini humidifier is easily connected through usb cord, where you can just connect it to your laptop or any usb connected devices.



Power supply Mode: DC5V (USB)

Power: Approximately 2 W

Sprayed volume: 20-30ml/H

Capacity 100ML

Accessories: USB power cord, cotton core, instruction manual


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