Galaxy Gold Cup Aromatherapy SoyWax Candles


Galaxy Gold Cup Aromatherapy SoyWax Scented Candles Are Made From 100% Natural Soy Wax And Pure-Grade Natural Essential Oils And Fragrances That Burns Without Smoke And Residue.   The Sweet Scents Are Perfect For Unwind And Relax And Also Help To Put You In The Right Mood For Total Enjoyment.

When Used As Aromatherapy, This Candle Brings Relaxation And Calmness, Uplift Mood And Reduces Emotional Signs Of Stress.  The sweet aroma is comforting, rejuvenating and can inspire happiness, mental calmness and emotional stability.  It Enhances A Comfortable Atmosphere And A Feeling Of Total Relaxation For You, Your Family And Your Guests.  Use During Bedtime Is Believed That The Scent Can Help You Sleep Better.

This Is Also The Perfect Gift Set For All Occasions Or Festivals.


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  • Brand :  MyNaturity
  • Burnable Time : Approx. 15 Hours
  • Scent : Lavender/Rose , Randomly Given
  • The Fresh And Pleasant Scent Can Quickly Fill Up Your Environment And Maintain Its Function Of Odour Elimination And Air Purification For A Longer Time.
  • This beautiful and portable ‘gold dust’ metal jar makes it an adorable storage for your small jewelleries or stationery items and also handy for travel use.
  • Perfect Gifts For All Occasions And Festivals.
  • Safety Precaution : Keep Candle Burning Within Sight. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets.

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