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Stop Suffering From Eczema. You are Not Alone.

 Have you ever suffered from getting red patches, rashes, flaky skin around your body? Whether you are born with sensitive skin, genetically suffering from eczema or having developed rashes over the years due to harmful ingredients, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. We understand your pain and struggle over the years, with our formulated eczema cream that is totally hundred percent natural, it could do more miracles to your skin than just as a moisturizer.

Our Formulated Cream is proven to reduce symptoms of :

  • Inflammation.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Eczema.
  • Scars.
  • Rashes.
  • Dry skin.
  • Ringworm.

Before we go deeper in details, let’s indulge the topics first.

  • What Is Eczema?
  • How to treat eczema?
  • Treat eczema by Moisturizer
  • Treat eczema by Medication 
  • How to control eczema?
  • What is Aczelief?
  • Main ingredient and benefits
  • Why Choose Aczelief?
  • What Our Customer Says?
  • More Review
  • Conclusions


Eczema is a skin condition where some part of the skin is itchy, rashes, red, inflamed, dry, flaky and cracked.

Most eczema are affected by children under age of 5 years old due to their invulnerable skin types as children have more fragile types than adults. Most children did not suffer Eczema as they grow up however certain children will suffer eczema throughout their lives and some adults as they grow up or getting older, they suffer from Eczema. In other words, it is hard to know whether you will be affected by eczema or not. However, most people who have the same genes are likely to have eczema.

Even though some children grow up with no more eczema, they might have sensitive skin and easily have hand dryness.

Eczema and other inflammatory skin problems can lead to worse health problems. If eczema is not treated as quickly as possible, the damaged skin will have a high risk of infection, sun damage and leaving bruises and scars.The worse thing is, it hurts. You might even scratch yourself too much until it bleeds. Let’s keep the scratching at the minimum.


Currently, there is no treatment for Eczema and doctors supervised to get home care treatment from various lotions, body cream and allergic cream you can get from pharmacies or skincare stores.

 Of course there is medication that can be taken before an allergic reaction kicks in, such as taking medication before eating food that trigger eczema symptoms. 

Best way to relieve eczema is to get a moisturizer or cream that is suitable for your skin and use it whenever you feel eczema might kick in or whenever your skin feels dry.


Most often ways to soothe swelling, rashes, itch, inflammatory skin are using creams. There are various creams that can be used as moisturizers. These moisturizers can be used on any body part including your face, if your face suffers from dryness. 

Lotion has been used as moisturizer from time to time however, usually lotion has very weak concentration on leaving hydration and is used often by normal skin types rather than dry skin types.

 What is more, buying normal lotion for eczema skin is dangerous since commercialized lotion has parabens and is more harmful than you think. 

Cream and moisturizer are better choices for dry skin as they have higher hydration and are very good at locking moisturizer and smoothen your skin. Even though cream is good concentration, you might want to check the ingredients. 

Even the expensive world- brand skincare uses tons of harmful ingredients including fragrance. Eczema skin is most invulnerable against fragrance, so better to avoid strong fragrance or parfum, that is commonly stated on the ingredients list.


If you visit a doctor, doctors will give you an ointment that is very small and easy to carry. Ointment can be obtained in the pharmacy however, you might don’t want to use that. 

Ointment is usually very effectives but it is very dangerous. Usually very serious eczema symptoms might use that. 

Most ointments need prescription, and ointment is just over the counter treatment for a short period of time. All ointments have induced strong pain relievers and most ointments have steroids stronger than commercial moisturizers. 

You might want to stop using them if you are not in too much pain.

There is also medication that is oral medication. If you check at pharmacies, some of the eczema medications have the same functionality to flu, fever, sore throat, headache and pain reliever. 

In other words, all the oral medication is not safe if taken regularly and you might want to stop eating them and consider switching unless you have very bad eczema problems.

Normal medication can lead to more side effects and might reduce your antibody and immune systems. 


There are few tips that can help reduce eczema. It was not the best but consistently using these tips might put your skin at ease.

  1. Take a lukewarm bath when bathing. 
  2. Do not soak in too long if you have flaky skin to avoid tearing of skin.
  3. Apply moisturizer right after bathing to lock in the moisturizer.
  4. Wear soft cotton  fabric clothes.
  5. Do not use rough fabric, tight can trigger itchy.
  6. Use a humidifier whenever the weather is dry.
  7. Use mild soap or a non-soap cleanser when washing.
  8. Gently pat your skin instead of rubbing off your skin.
  9. Avoid sudden change in temperature and activities that cause sweating .
  10. Control your eating, keep track of possible eczema triggers such as fish, prawns, or nuts.
  11. Wear gloves if you need to wash dishes, clothes or use house detergen.
  12. Keep a moisturizer always with you wherever you go.

What Is Aczelief Cream?

Our formulated eczema cream is made by hundred percent natural and chemical-free made special for eczema problems and other similar problems. Our cream is made to protect skin from pollution, dirt, dust and the hot heat of the sun. Our Cream also has the capability of locking moisture to our skin to be long lasting and stay dehydrated for a long time without worries! Other than keeping moisture, the cream will help your skin from dryness and smoothen your skin and avoid flaky skin and dryness.

Ingredients and its benefits

Our ingredients are 100% natural and chemical-free. We use various ingredients to formulate our products to the best Eczema ingredients. All the ingredients have been choose to keep your skin smooth, healthy, moisturizes, wound-healing and reduce scars.

Olive Wax

Olive wax emulsifying wax are derived from the  olive oil that used in various skin care to keep skin moisturized and improve skin hydration. Always used in sunscreen and baby care.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter are very popular ingredients in most cosmetic and skincare products to keep moisture and have capability in locking skin moisture. It is popular in soap making, lotion and body butter. It can soothe allergic reactions, inflammatory skin, and rashes. What is more, it is rich in fatty acids and vitamins, giving skin enough vitamins and nutrition.

Aloe Vera Oil:

Aloe vera is very popular due to hydrating and cooling effects on the skin. The cooling effects protect the skin from losing too much water and are good at soothing burns and skin. Aside from that, Aloe vera have capability of anti-aging, wound-healing, reduce scars and skin-lightening,

Lavender Essential Oil:

We use pure Lavender essential oils that have benefits in treating inflammatory skin, strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

Tea tree essential oils have many benefits especially in protecting skin from infection and best at antibacterial and antifungal that can reduce swelling, and rashes that cause by bacteria infections.

Witch Hazel Hydrosol:

It  can calm inflamed skin, dry-up oozing areas, and relieve itching. Witch hazel also can protect skin from sun damage and wards off dangerous infections. 


Unlike most commercial products out there, our products are 100% natural from plants and not animal tested. We keep promises to keep our product natural, organic and chemical-free. 

Our cream has no Steroid that is often used in most skincare and Steroid can worsen skin condition. 

We also paraben-free to give better experience to you and to increase effectiveness on treating eczema and protect it from harmful products such as Steroids and Paraben.

We use high quality products in making this Eczema cream to help you soothe your skin and stop suffering from eczema.

Our products are organic and natural as we also have been approved by KKM and it is safe to be used in any skin type and encouraged for sensitive skin.


What DR Said..


My children have sensitive and dry skin prone to eczema and exaggerated rash from insect bites. It hurts my heart seeing the rash. A good moisturiser is the key to prevent eczema flare ups.

strengthening the skin’s function as a barrier is the key to reduce sensitivity and inflammation leading to ezcematous rash.

This is precisely the function of Aczelief cream. Produced by MyNaturity, it only contains naturally derived ingredients with its scent originating from the essential oils. Not only is it great to relieve skin ailments, but it’s also a superb aromatherapy.

Aczelief cream doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is made of various essential oils, creating its unique scent. Such a high quality product with a relatively inexpensive price tag, it’s a great companion for those with sensitive skin. As it’s ingredients are natural, I can use it for the whole family (unfortunately atopy ie tendency to develop allergy runs in the genes), even for the little ones.

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Dr Angel HO

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Salina Johari

Baru ni try Aczelief krim untuk sapu di kulit muka #KaisarKazim . Nampak kurang dah kulit sensitif dia dan perasan jugak bila tidur agak nyenyak , maybe sebab ada kandungan Lavendar Essential Oil . Read More…

Syafiqah Basha

I can’t wash dishes, I can’t touch detergent powder to wash my cloth, it feels burn both of my hand then it turns red , my hand start feels hot. I also cant touch dusty things. My hand will get itchy and dry. Read More..

Aerill Hassan

Siapa yang mempunyai masalah kulit seperti kulit kering, eczema, proriasis dan sebagainya? Mungkin ada antara anda yang mencari pelbagai produk untuk mengubati atau mengurangkan masalah-masalah tersebut. Alhamdulillah, kali ini aku nak kongsikan dengan anda satu produk yang aku yakin sangat baik untuk mereka yang mempunyai masalah-masalah seperti yang diberitahu di atas.

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As we know, Eczema has no cure even to these days and have no clear reason why people are affected by it. 

However, consistency in controlling what we eat, what we touch and what detergent or soap you use always plays a role in a sensitive skin.

 To keep a healthy skin and better health, keep hydrated all the time, use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors, do not eat food that might trigger your eczema or allergic reaction.

 These eczema cream can soothe your skin but not avoid or completely heal  your skin problems. 

So, How Do You Care for Your Skin? Comment below!

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