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Things About Essential Oils You Must Know Before You Use.

Have gone through our website, You must have been curious what is essential oil? Does it really work? Is it really natural? Is it safe to use? Can it help medically? Well, many questions might pop-up in your mind.


 So now I will explain to you briefly. Essential oils are a part of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a process of giving a beautiful smell therapy that you often feel when going to a spa, manicure and pedicure.


The aroma is relaxing, makes you calm down and treats you emotionally very well. Who doesn’t love nice smells at home? It makes us happy and relieved.


Before We get Deeper, Let’s indulge the topic we’re going to discuss later on.


  • What is essential oil?
  • Is essential oil Natural?
  • What are essential oils often used for?
  • Is Essential Oil Good for health?
  • Is essential oil safe to use?
  • Don’t consume essential oil
  • Consider health complication and age
  • Using them on the right type on the right skin
  • How to use essential oil
  • Using with diffuser
  • Using with traditional diffuser or burner
  • How to using without diffuser
  • Conclusion



What Is Essential Oil

Essential oils used as a natural fragrance. It is taken by extracting plants. They often use cold-pressed technique to get the essential oil from plants. In the past they used steam dilution to get the most benefit of the plants by extracting the plants. Popular plants that give many benefits were extracted to get more benefit from it and make the essential oil potent. Popular essential oils such as peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense are traditional medical herbs used in the past to relieve pain and treat wounds as it is antibacterial.

Is Essential oil Natural?


Essential oil is more natural than any oils. Essential oils are natural and can be effective as a home remedy and very good for improving dull skin, moisturizing the body and relieving pain. If you are planning to use essential oils for its benefit kindly check their quality and the origin of the essential oil. 


Some out there you might find one or two strangely cheap essential oils. Out there also have fake essential oils that often have been diluted or not quality oils.


 In My naturity, our essential oils are 100% pure and we also have organic certificates to prove that our essential oils are original and taken from high quality and trusted origin. Our Lavender essential oils are from Australia, Rose Geranium from Egypt and Tea tree also from Australia.


What essential oils are often used for?


Essential oil should act as a natural fragrance to most products. It is very well used in cosmetic and skin care to get the essential oil benefit. Usually essential oils such as tea tree, lavender and frankincense are commonly used in moisturizer, cream, lotion, soap and shampoo. 

If you want your current skincare to feel more aroma, drop 2-3 essential oils and it will feel more than awesome.


Essential oil is also used in DIY homemade soap, face scrub, foot soak, aromatherapy salt, lotion, deodorant, balm and even candles. If you are into DIY stuff, maybe these can be one of your new hobbies!


Some essential oil is used in cleaning home products. It is very good at cleaning since it is antibacterial and anti- fungal. If you intend to use essential oils in cleaning products it is good to use lemon or orange to clean the floor or tables. 


Make sure to not touch them directly and dilute it in home cleaning products. Essential oil also can be made as fragrance spray just drop 2-3 drops into a spray bottle filled with water and safe to spray! You also can create insect repellent spray using Lavender or  Lemongrass essential oil.


Is Essential Oil Good For health?


Yes! It is. Essential oil can benefit according to its type. Most essential oils not only benefit your skin but also your hair, emotion and health. However all essential oils are very good at maintaining our mood and positive attitude.  


Even though there is no accurate scientific reason why essential oil benefits your health, there is a benefit in improving the quality of mood, confidence,  memory boosting and lower side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients. 


There is scientific proven that people will be less anxious and worry after they smell lavender and able to go see a dentist or do surgery with more confidence. 


Even though essential oil proves to be effective in boosting positive attitudes, there is no scientific record on health issues.


However there is a scientific record that essential oil can lower side effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients and be able to kill certain viruses as well. In the scientific record, sweet oranges essential oil can fight E.coli.


Essential oil is still good in improving skin and hair quality greatly as a home remedy care and very good to use in any since routine depending on type of skin and essential oils!


 However do not use them to treat serious health complications such as diabetes, thyroid, hepatitis B or similar dangerous health complications.


 See doctor first before doing anything rash. Some essential oil can react to your medicine or health complications.


Is Essential Oil Safe To Use?

This question has been popping out quite often on the internet. Essential oils are potent and it is dangerous at some point but also safe to use. Essential oils are indeed not so safe because they are too pure.

 Essential oil should be only used for diffusing to the air or diluted with carrier oil to use it topically. Mistakes in misuse of essential oils can cause irritation, photo toxicity, nausea, vomiting and poison. 

Don’t Consume Essential Oil

I have seen so many people use all kinds of ways to use essential oils including for eating and drinking. That is the worst thing to do. You should not put any essential oils for consumption. It is dangerous and can lead to worse health issues such as diarrhea, vomit, nausea and poison. 

Even though they are medicinal plants that are said to be very good for health but should not eat or drink essential oil type plants. Examples are peppermint, peppermint are famous for tooth brushing, relieve pain and nausea. 

When I was younger my mom always bought peppermint to eat. We eat them raw, no cooking, roasting or anything.( Of course we wash them before eating). Just eat with ‘sambal belacan’.

 It is safe to eat because it is just a leaf and is edible but extracted peppermint essential oil is too pure that can cause complications. Make sure to store them in a safe dry cold place.

So if you want healthy food habits, just get herbs at the grocery store, and if you want healthy tea, just buy herbal tea at the store as well. Do not use essential oil as the herb replacement for consumption. (I often drink Dilmah Tea or just go to Starbucks and buy Chamomile or Rosehip tea. They are delicious and healthy).

Consider Health Complication and Age

Essential oil is pure and dangerous to use directly and needs proper prescription. I have tried the essential oils many times. But it also needs to be reminded that using essential oil inefficiently can cause worse health complications.

 If you are going to use a diffuser for babies, or under 3 years old, please put them away from the baby. You still can use them but make sure the diffuser is not too close.To full grown adults, aromatherapy feels nice but for babies they will be a bit hard to take the smell directly and can cause headache and discomfort. 

Make sure to take it a bit further away. We don’t encourage newborn babies to smell essential oil diffusers.

Make sure to check your health complications before buying any essential oil. Some essential oils can lower blood pressure, however different kinds can increase blood pressure. 

The same for glucose and thyroid. It is safe to use if you don’t have much complication. Just make sure to take a look at all the essential oil prescriptions.

Other than health complications, pregnant women and lactation women should not use essential oil often or too much. It might affect internally so please mention your doctor before proceeding. 

Some essential oil can treat nausea and improve lactation however, there is a probability it might affect the body.

Using Them On The Right Type And The Right Skin

In our essential oils, we often put prescription. Every oil is different. Some essential oils are very sensitive to skin and condition. 

For example, Lemon, Orange or other citrus essential oil should not be used during the day. It is photo toxic and should be used only at night or indoors. It can damage your skin if you use it outside. All citrus essential oils are very sensitive to sun so make sure to follow the prescription. Even if you pour lemon juice only and go directly into the sunlight, lemon is easily phototoxic.

 Lemon is very good for acne, scar and dark spot removal. Just don’t use them during the day. 

Essential oil is very potent so using them might trigger allergies. Even though it is natural it still can activate allergies. I am prone to allergies so strong and potent essential oil can be dangerous. You may be allergic to Eucalyptus  but maybe okay with lavender.

 Well, you still can get an allergy even by using commercial soap. Since I am prone to allergies, I always make a patch test ( even on commercial soap, yeah it’s frustrating) . But never use essential oil undiluted. Especially on an allergic skin. Undiluted essential oil is very dangerous and make sure never use essential oil too much. 2-4 drops is enough.

 Even though diluted, make sure to test them on a small part of skin and wait for 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs. Stop if irritation occurs. See doctor if irritation persists.

How To Use Essential Oil


There are many ways to use essential oils and you can even combine essential oil when diffusing it. There are tons of essential oil blends recipes out there you can find! 


We also sell various essential oils that have been mixed with other essential oils so it will be suitable for certain use, for example our My naturity Headache relief essential oil that is made with mixing essential oil specially for headache!

Using Diffuser


Most of the time essential oil use with a diffuser that can vapour out the essential oil. It is the easiest and most effective way to use essential oil. Most of the time essential oil is used to relax and de-stress our day. 


It is very good for an anxious person and depression to go away. It is also an effective way to calm down to sleep.


Just simply open the diffuser lid, fill half of the diffuser petri dish with water. Drop 2-6 drops of essential oils. You can mix essential oil up to your preference. 


I love the smell of peppermint and often use that to reduce headache. Close the lid and turn on! In My naturity we sell three types of diffuser, curve brown, curve white and hexagon. Our diffuser also has various lamp colours and can be used as a night lamp.


Using traditional diffuser / burner

Other types of diffuser are traditional diffusers. Honestly, I do not own an electric diffuser. I own a traditional diffuser or other name for it is burner. It is very easy to use. 


Make sure to prepare candles and a lighter or match box. Drop essential oil on top of the burner, it is the petri dish. Light up the candle and put it inside the burner. Feel the aromatic scent! 


Make sure to be aware of the lights and blow the light after use. Clean the petri dish after it is done.

The traditional is cheaper but you need to always replace the candle after the candle is used up and be aware of the lights. 


You don’t want any fire lighting up at your home. I usually put them in my kitchen so the insects won’t come. Very good insect repellent!


How to Use without Diffuser

If you do not have a diffuser, do not be afraid! I only used diffusers (well, traditionally) quite recently. In the past when I was still a kid, my mother always used essential oil everywhere around the house and I always accompanied her to buy scented candles, potpourri and other home decorations. 


You can use essential oil on all decorations. Most popular are potpourri. In most cultures, wedding gifts are potpourri so I have quite a lot. Just simply drop the essential oil on potpourri. 


Other than that, I always drop them on my dried pressed flower and artificial flower. It will disperse quickly. You can put on toilet paper to let the smell feel nice in the toilet or drop a few drops on the trash to banish odour.


You can use them as fragrance spray by dropping a few essential oils and spray around the home or room! You can spray on your bed too. It will be superb! 


Enhancing your skin care is a great way too. Most essential oils are very good for skin and hair. Just drop them at your favourite face wash, soap, lotion or moisturizer. If you want to make face serum or acne treatment, simply dilute them in carrier oil! 


You can also make roller essential oil blends or simply buy one of our roller essential oil blends and have no worries to apply topically! Just make sure you don’t put them on injured skin.




Everything can get very bad if done too much or not following its purposes. Essential oils are used commonly as a mist and a very good benefit for the skin if applied topically by diluting it. 


Many people out there are confused on how to use essential oil efficiently and are very scared to use it since it’s potent. Everything will be fine as long as not using too much and in moderation. 


  • Remember to do patch tests before using them topically.
  • Do tell the doctor that you use essential oil at home.
  • Stop using it if irritation occurs.
  • Store essential oil safely far from small childrens and pets.


Now how are you going to use essential oil? Comment below!

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